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We provide a wide range of family law services, including separation agreements, cohabitation and prenuptial agreements, collaborative separation and divorce, and litigation support. 

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Collaborative Law is an alternative approach to resolving issues between spouses without resorting to litigation. It allows couples to maintain control over the process and outcome of their separation, while avoiding the need for constant court intervention. The process involves collaboratively-trained professionals such as lawyers, coaches, child specialists, and financial experts, who work together to provide support and guidance as needed. By signing a contract, all parties commit to resolving conflicts in a respectful and safe environment, eliminating the threat of litigation.


One of the key advantages of Collaborative Law is the creation of a secure space where couples can address their concerns with the assistance of their respective lawyers. Unlike traditional divorces where each side may try to defeat the other, collaborative divorces emphasize teamwork and mutual agreement. The goal is to reach out-of-court agreements that prioritize the best interests of every family member. As a result, the collaborative divorce process, often referred to as a "good divorce," has proven to be a better fit for many families.


In addition to enabling a healthier resolution of conflicts, the Collaborative Process provides valuable support even in highly tense and conflicted environments. By utilizing a team of professionals who work together harmoniously, couples are able to find resolutions that work for both parties and meet their individual needs. This approach not only strengthens the family during the transition of separation but also equips them with conflict management skills that can be applied in the long term, reducing the need for court intervention years after the divorce is finalized.

There are many different ways to go through a separation and divorce, and different legal processes. These include collaborative family law, mediation, arbitration, and litigation. We focus on helping families using an out-of-court approach, but we also provide litigation support through limited legal services and legal coaching.

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